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Kiln day

I am hoping this blog will take the reader through each stage of my process

(emphasis on MY as I muddle along) going from initial ideas to the end result whether good or bad !

Hopefully giving a bit of encouragement, that apart from being good fun anything creative can be a extremely therapeutic tonic for anyone so here goes !! 😀

Todays plan is glazing. l had the kiln on the other night, I put it on overnight as my shed studio can get a bit warm so door and window are left open. It was a biscuit firing which I do at 1032c (cone 05) . I also had the kiln pretty packed full,

I managed to break one wee dish putting the shelf in.

I do hope when I open it later today that was the only breakage.

Pottery has so many processes and each stage can have a disaster just waiting to happen, but there's also plenty happy accidents too!

I have a stall at our local Highland games in about a week and a half so I need to get everything glazed and ready to go back into the kiln.

My glazing is a mix of dipping and brushing on. I use commercial glazes which I layer and mix together, I have an end result in my minds eye and I aim for it.

I also do experiments first with the glazes to get as close to what I want as I can.

So for now I am away to open that lid and empty the kiln, I hope you will follow me on my journey !!

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