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Hello - Meet and Greet!

Updated: Aug 4

Welcome to our website, we are the Birch Tree Studio! The main maker and creator of TBTS is Shona who is a ceramicist and artist, you'll see a lot of her creations on this page! I'm (Holly) the tech expert of the group who created and runs the website, so bare with me while I teach my mum how to run and use it while I'm at college! We also have an Instagram and Facebook page if you'd like a different way of contacting/reaching us, these are checked daily. Finally we have Kirsty who is our sales woman! She is usually with mum (Shona) at all of the fairs, stalls and shows. She is always ready to greet everyone with a kind smile and a blether!

We have just added a little shop to our website, so keep your eyes peeled on any updates! We will update our instagram when we have a drop coming so you won't miss out. 🌟

Thank you very much for having a read - Holly 🍃

Left to Right - Shona , Holly & Kirsty

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